If you want to build size and strength, you’ve come to the right trainer.  With 20+ years of experience under my lifting belt I’m now obsessed with helping others realize their strength potential.  Proper technique and motivation are the tools I use to help my victims clients push their limits and release their inner demon.  As if wanting to be big and strong aren’t enough of a reason to hit the weights hard; resistance training also builds lean muscle mass, increases metabolism, strengthens bones and joints, improves coordination and stamina and elevates mood – making you feel like an all around badass.  Free weights, machines and body weight exercises make up the brutal core of METALBOB TRAINING.
Cardio Training is a good time to put on your headphones and listen to some awesome METAL!  Let the blast beats and screaming energize you as you go faster and push harder – like the total badass that you are.  Cardio can be a lonely hell so I’m more than happy to stand by the treadmill and force you to do your cardio – but I think it’s better to face the abyss of cardio hell on your own.   But before I leave you to your endless suffering, we can do a comprehensive cardio-respiratory assessment.  Upon surviving the assessment we will have determined your overall cardio-respiratory fitness level, estimated your maximum heart rate and set target heart rates for you to develop a merciless cardio routine that will make you live forever… because evil never truly dies.

Balance balls…. adorable, but we’re gonna use these awesome weights over here to whip your core into shape.  A strong core is the foundation on which we build all of your amazing muscle mass, and I’ve got an arsenal of puke inducing core exercises I inflict on all of my victims clients – every workout.  You’ll hardly know what’s hitting you… you’ll just think that you are lifting a shit-ton of awesome weights; meanwhile your core is being viscously brutalized.  Bwahahahaha!

Balance & Flexibility training?  Doesn’t sound brutal enough, true, but a few sets of Metalbob Lunges will make you realize just how important balance is… Bitch!  And being flexible is important because SQUATS!!!!  So not to worry, I gotchoo.   You won’t even know you’re developing superior balance and flexibility, you’ll just think I’m trying to tear your soul apart as we stretch your limbs and challenge your stability to meet my sadistic demands.

I may seem evil, but deep down I just have a squishy soft spot for helping you DESTROY YOUR LIMITS!!!!   Even during our first workout together I expect you will find you are stronger and mightier than you ever realized… and proving that to yourself is just plain awesome.  So it’s not all pain and suffering for no good reason.  Sure I get a sick pleasure out of inflicting punishment, but its because I care so very much.   I want all of my victims clients to feel challenged and for them to know the joy of DESTROYING LIMITS!!!!!


I’m obsessed with training and I’m driven to help others develop not only strength and size but confidence in themselves.  I work with big guys who are experienced lifters as well as muscle-hungry newbies hitting the gym for the first time.  I’ll push your limits – hard – but I’ll do so safely and effectively, never asking something of you that I don’t think you are capable of.   I’ll be right there with you, showing you how its done, feeling your pain, spotting you on every rep – all the while screaming heart-warming encouragement in your ear!