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As 2015 comes to a close METALBOB TRAINING celebrates 1 year since its evil spawning.  My first year in the personal training business is now in the books, and my cold black heart could not be more grateful or fulfilled.

It has been a killer first year full of pain, brutality, hard work and heavy lifting.  Thank you to my many victims clients who teamed up with me this year to crush their goals and lift their blackened hearts out.

Here’s to another great year of hard work and heavy lifting ahead.  I’m looking forward to crushing it again with my current roster of victims clients, along with a new crop of fresh meat clients in 2016.

In the metal world we love to recap our year with a look back at the music that filled our ear-holes with pure evil goodness.  Here is my list of the top METAL albums that filled me with rage and inspired the many beatings I dished out in 2015.

• • • • • •

#11 CATTLE DECAPITATION – The Anthropocene Extinction


Misanthropic and brutal grindcore played with precision and vocal performances ranging from demented to unhinged.  A self-loathing take on being human; perfect music for abusing yourself in the gym.

Most hateful songs: “Manufactured Extinct”, “Mammals In Babylon”, “Pacific Grim”.

#10 LEVIATHAN – Scar Sighted


This album is fucked up, scary and clearly the product of a disturbed mind.  The cover art perfectly captures the twisted darkness of the music within.  Uneasy and dark listening, a very good choice for the endless suffering of cardio hell.

Blackest of Black tunes: “Wicked Fields of Calm”,  “Within Thrall”, “All Tongues Toward”.

 #9 HAVUKRUUNU – Havulinnaan


Pagan Black Metal hailing from Finland.   Raw guitars, fast drumming and plenty of melodic hooks; recommended for any and all ass-kicking at the gym.

All tracks are great but check out:  “Rautalintu” and “Sinervä”.

 #8 NILE – What Should Not Be Unearthed


Nile always produce very high quality technical Death Metal with a sound their very own, heavily infused with ancient Egyptian themes in both music and lyrics.  “What Should Not Be Unearthed” makes the year-end cut for me on the strength of its impressive musicianship, evil atmosphere and killer songs.

Music for the lifting of massive slabs of stone: “Call To Destruction” and “Evil To Cast Out Evil”.



American Black Metal that goes straight for the jugular.  Abigail Williams continues to hone their stye for a vicious and raw Black Metal album that hits hard and sounds fresh.

These songs make me want to lift heavy shit: “Of The Outer Darkness” and “Will, Wish, Desire”.

#6 MY DYING BRIDE – Feel the Misery


As doom laden as the title suggests.  With guitar riffs that bleed distortion and vocals that range from depressed to gnashing snarls, “Feel the Misery” is slow and heavy music.

You know what else is slow and heavy?  SQUATS!

Most miserable songs: “And My Father Left Forever”, “To Shiver In Empty Halls” and “Within A Sleeping Forest”.

#5 NECHOCHWEN – Heart of Akamon


“Heart Of Akamon” is a unique and creative blend of melodic Black Metal and Native American infused folk music.   Acoustic passages, chants and spoken word mix with hook heavy riffs and fast drumming to create a fresh take on American Black Metal.

Tribal tunes:  “Lost On The Trail Of The Setting Sun” and “Skyhook”.

#4 OBSEQUIAE – Aria of Vernal Tombs


A Black Metal album from medieval times.  Intricate interludes performed on period instruments punctuate the album with castle like atmosphere.   Gritty production, excellent guitars, screaming vocals… Black Metal in all its glory.

Go medieval on the weights with these heavy chamber pieces:  “In The Absence Of Light”, “Wilweorthunga” and “Orphic Rites Of The Mystic”.


#3 PANOPTICON – Autumn Eternal


American Black Metal dominates my year-end list.  Panopticon blend Appalachian Folk and Bluegrass influences into a Black Metal album thick with autumn’s somber atmosphere.

Moody highlights include: “Autumn Eternal”, “Pale Ghosts” and “A Superior Lament”.

#2 GHOST – Meliora


This album was at the #1 spot for quite a while before being bumped to #2.  “Meliora” is a fun album with guitars front and center and a ‘feel good’ evil vibe throughout.  Where their previous albums felt like a guilty pleasure, Ghost fully converted me with this album.  Also, the best live show of the year for me.  Hail Satan!

Evil goodness: “From the Pinnacle To The Pit”, “Cirice”, “He Is” and “Majesty”.


#1 AHAB – The Boats of the Glen Carrig


Ahab have earned their own genre designation “Nautical Doom” as they draw inspiration for each album from sea-faring literary works.  From the book of the same name, “The Boats of the Glen Carrig” is about a shipwrecked crew marooned on a remote island inhabited by mysterious creatures.

Full of imagery and severe contrast, the music frequently switches on a dime as tranquil, delay-dripping passages are obliterated by crushing waves of riffs.  Stand out vocals range from guttural deep growls to plaintive and sorrowful clean singing.

All songs on this album are great, but if I had to pick three songs to be stranded at sea with, I’d pick “The Isle”, “Like Red Foam” and “The Weedmen”.

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